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Houston Kendrick, the new wave songster with the ability to craft powerful prose, hails from The Magic City of Birmingham, AL. His music journey started at a young age but transcended when he made his jump from Magic City to Music City to study music and voice at Belmont in Nashville. The magic he brought with him was quickly put to use with his first single release, “Hello Darlin’”, on Major Platforms coming in 2016. It’s an easy listening track that is soft on the ears and heart. It was with this release that he started catching the attention of the industry.


He would spend the next two years refining the direction of his sound while finishing up his studies. In 2018 he returned with a single called “LiNES;”. You could tell he had spent the two years wasting no time, and that he found his creative direction as an artist from his influences of Frank Ocean, Michael Jackson, and SZA. He followed this uptempo, pop track with a two-pack single “Kaleidoscope”. The two tracks saw Houston showcase his vocal range and ability to weave in and out of singing and rapping his culturally relevant lyrics. These three tracks rolled into his first full-length project. “PINK” put all the pieces together for Houston as he became a fluent artist that moved between rich falsettos and punchy bars. This project built steam through 2018 and 2019 garnering the attention of industry authorities such as NPR and Medium.


Kendrick held this momentum into the start of 2020, and dropped his most transformative project to date, “Young Rudy’s Speech, Vol. 1”. He added more depth to his vocal range, more power to his runs, and more metaphor to his writing. This project also beamed with new production sounds that truly equaled the artistic vision of Houston.


In a debilitating 2020, he still managed to drop a powerful summer single, “American Spirit Blues'' that served as a reminder that Houston wasn’t going anywhere. It also was the lead-off single to his new 8 song album. “Small Infinity”, is Houston’s newest addition to an already robust body of work. From start to finish he keeps his foot on the gas with more experimental sounds that accompany relevant, suave lyrics. Aside from gorgeous harmonies and catchy melodies this project highlights Houston’s ability to tell a complete story. The emotions and experiences that fall between the captivating intro, “Good Morning Tennessee” and ahead moving outro, “Small Infinity” is brimming with happiness, sadness, love lost, bad vibes, and the infinite power of being an individual. This album is the culmination of trials and tribulations that demand a spotlight be put on Houston without him asking for it.


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